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Las Vegas Comedy Festival
Las Vegas Comedy Festival - Sept 4-8, 2002
When I was approached to exhibit I was told that it was going to be a trade show and I thought to myself what are they going to be selling hammocks? I decided why not, I’ll take a chance. When I arrived at the Stardust I was directed to the “Pavilion” which is located in a obscure part of the casino/hotel. I along with Mark Goddard from “Lost in Space” (perhaps he was the wrong person to follow considering he was lost in space for all those years) were unsure of where we had to go. Once inside the very large room there were many tables with celebrity names on it. I thought that this could be a great venue to sell my book. Little did I know that the festival was not publicized as well as it should have been. During the day there were all kinds of kooky people trying to break into the comedy biz.
Here's an old man, 89 who was on the new show 30 seconds of fame showing off more than just his comedy routine.
Here I am sitting at my table. No they were not  having electrical problems, my daughter was having photographic problems.
There were many fairly big stars there. My first day I was seated next to “Little House on the Prairie,” Nelly Olson (real name Alison Arngrim). She was really a very down to earth person who was extremely entertaining to talk to.

Behind me was Butch Patrick, infamous “Eddie Munster” of “The Munster’s” He too was quite friendly and gave me a photo of Charles Lindbergh’s grave for my site.

I borrowed this photo from his site munsters
Here's the photo of Lindbergh's grave. He said he was driving along in Hawaii and picked up a hitchhiker who asked him if he would like to see Lindbergh's grave. Butch was into it and snapped this photo:

Many of the celebrities there left after two days due to the lack of people in attendance. So I was moved to consolidate the celebrities and to give me more exposure. I was placed between June Lockhart and Jon Provost (Timmy) from “Lassie.” The poor guy had to put up with some pretty inane comments from people like, “Timmy you’ve grown!” On the other side of Timmy, er I mean Jon was Cynthia Pepper, a really sweet lady who once starred with Elvis in the movie, “Kissing Cousins.” I asked her what was it like to work with Elvis. She said he was the nicest man she had ever worked with. Cynthia even shared an interesting story about Elvis with me. As they were waiting for the lights to be fixed on the set of “Kissing Cousins,” he turned to her and said, “What am I doing here? I should be driving a truck.” She said he really didn’t feel like a celebrity, that he would have been happier with a simple life.

I was absolutely stunned and flattered when actress Lee Meriwether, approached me and told me how much she loved things like my book and bought one on the spot and then asked me to sign it.
Tippi Hedren’s assistant purchased one as well then left me with a calendar that featured animals from The Roar Foundation and Shambala Preserve.  A cause that she supports. The website is:

On Saturday comedian Norm Crosby showed up to sign autographs and was placed in the center of the room. He strolled over to me and started to thumb through my book. Now keep in mind I have a HUGE poster next to me with my book cover on it, second as you look through my book you cannot miss all the 8x10 photos of tombstone inside. Let not forget the title: MORBID CURIOSITY: CELEBRITY TOMBSTONES ACROSS AMERICA.  Only a person with a seeing eye dog would miss that one. So he asks me, “Are there any comedians?” I told him yes and showed him the table of contents. He looked up at me in disgust and said, “They’re all dead!” DUH! I couldn’t believe it.
This is my daughter doing a Carmen Miranda imitation. Sunshine the Clown kept the kids occupied with her elaborate balloon art.  My extremely bored kids walked up to Edd Byrnes from "77 Sunset Strip" and "Kookie Kookie give me your comb" fame. They  are absolutely mad for "Grease" recognized him as the fast talking disc jockey who hosted the prom. I guess he was so flattered (and extremely nice) that three little girls flipped over him that he gave them an autograph photo of himself.

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