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Jack Waite's Final Words to his Internet Friends   |   Jack Waite's Encounters with Celebrities
Jack Waite's Final Words to his Internet Friends
 This COULD be my goodbye message....
I was off my computer for the day, with no intentions of coming back on until tomorrow.
 Some CDs which I had ordered via the Internet came in the mail, along with an  unexpected Christmas gift from a lady who I have never met, but who is an Internet  friend.  I was playing two of the CDs....both of them containing Marty Robbins' biggest  hits...when suddenly I began to suffer the most severe chest pains I have ever  experienced in my entire life.  These pains have not abated, and continue even as I write this.  I decided to go onto the Internet, after all, in order to send a possible good-bye  message to my sister who lives in Florida, and to you people as well.  I am not in the least afraid to die. To die of a heart attack tonight would be a blessing > that I would welcome.  I have never recovered from my cancer bowels do not work right. I have accidents all the time. I shit all the day long. I have to sit on my little commode as I  pass the time on the Internet all day long. I can not go out, except for brief excursions > to the store for food. Just as I was writing the above paragraph, suffering the continuing chest pains, I had  to get up and puke into the commode.  So, if I am to die of a heart attack, I will welcome death as a release and a comfort. What I fear is not dying...but living....after a a vegetable....with no one in  the world to give a damn, and live out the remainder of my days in some institution  with unbearable keepers screaming at me and kicking me and beating me and  treating me like the shit which I am constantly expelling all the day long. I fear a stroke...not death. Death would be most welcome.  
I ask for your prayers.  Jack

According to Jack's sister he died at 9:15 that night.  Here's a message that his nephew wrote to all his internet friends:
Hello everyone,
This is Jack's nephew Joe, I just wanted inform all of you that my Uncle passed away last night. After he sent out his email, he turned off the computer, sat down in his favorite chair and turned on the TV. I arrived at his house just before 10am this morninhg. He looked very peaceful and now he is where he wanted to be. His sister & brother who live in FLA will be arriving here in the next few days. I thank you all for being his friend, and remembering him in your prayers. I will miss him.
Again thank you Joe Slavin