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The Del Rubio Triplets Minus Two
The Del Rubio Triplets
The DelRubio Triplets, (whose real name is Boyd), who were billed as "3 Gals, 3 Guitars, 1 Birthday" entertained many for 60 years.  They disbanded when the first sister, Eadie, died in 1996.
Well on March 19th, a second triplet, Elena died at her home  in the San Pedro district after a short battle with cancer. The triplets who never married, lived in together in a mobile home that overlooked the ocean. They became famous in the 80's and appeared on television shows, "Ellen,"  "The Golden Girls," "Full House," "Married... with Children," and "Pee Wee's Playhouse."
 Morbid Curiosity source Jim, told me that he attended her funeral. Elena had an open casket and was wearing a pair of dark blue leotards and a blue pull over sweater, quite informal. They played "Unforgetable," sung by the Del Rubios. She was buried in Holy Cross Cemetery along with her sister Eadie. The middle grave is reserved for Milly when her time comes.
Here are the graves Elena and Eadie.This photo was sent to me by Steve Goldstein.
This photo was also submitted by Steve, special thanks!
Photograph by Morbid Curiosity Staff Photographer Anneabe
Steve also donated great directions in case you would like to visit their grave. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. The easiest way to find them once you are in the cemetery is to head towards the mausoleum. If you are facing the mausoleum, turn around and you'll see a giant cross two sections down. That's the grave of Rosalind Russell. The Del Rubios are three rows directly in front of Miss Russell's grave.