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Meyer Lansky

NYPD Mugshot
August 28, 1902 (the exact date of birth is not known) - January 15, 1983

This photo was difficult to get because NO ONE in that cemetery would help me find it. Even the caretakers are fiercely loyal to their bosses or maybe they fear the repercussions of the mob! The only way I found it was to walk the whole cemetery stone by stone, thank God it wasn't a Forest Lawn or you would be viewing my headstone instead.
Meyer is one of the few mobsters not to die at the hand of another mobster. He contracted lung cancer and underwent surgery to remove part of his lung in hopes to keep the cancer from spreading. Unfortunately it spread down from the lung into the diaphragm and into various almost inaccessible spots close to the kidney and spine. Radiation treatment might have slowed the cancer's fast growth, but doctor's had little hope.
He spent his last days in Mount Sinai Hospital where he later died. The radiation treatment  was burning him, it hurt his throat and he could barely speak. His appetite was gone.  All they could do for him at this point was to give him drugs to manage his pain and to keep him comfortable.  Meyer spent all of his time lying in bed, with tubes going in and out of his body. Though he was sedated with regular injections, he would pick away at the tubes, and on the morning of Friday, January 14th, he managed to pull out the tube that ran down his throat. His wife was there as the doctor and nurses fought to force the tube back down again. Despite his frail weak state, he fought them off, screaming. Later that evening he suffered a nose bleed which nurses could not stop. In the end, they could do no more than pack the nostril, and leave him lying there exhausted, but conscious enough to recognize his wife.  He cried out to her, "Let me go!" Heavily sedated, Lansky fell into a deep sleep from which he never awoke. He died in the wee hours of Saturday, January 15, 1983. To the disappointment of the press there was no gangland funeral. There were no limousines, exotic wreaths, or broad shoulder ushers in black suits. His was, by mob standards, a bargain basement send off.  He is buried in
Mt. Nebo Cemetery,
5900 SW 77th Ave,
Miami, Florida.
Directions: If you want to visit take I-95 to SR836 (the Dolphin Expressway) to the Palmetto Expressway south towards, Coral Way, Merge onto the 826, take SW 56th Street/Miller Dr. exit. Keep right at fork in the ramp, merge on SW 56th Street, left on 77th Court then left into the cemetery. Go to the northwest corner of the cemetery. He is easily visible from the road. Look for names  Schiff, Bloom, Wexler, and Applesteirn, if you see them you're in the right area.  Like Meyer they are all upright tombstones, with gravemarkers in the ground.
Submitted by Jason Vietri