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Joey Ramone
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The following tribute was brought you by the fine people who help find the tombstones, we like to see.
Special Thanks to Ginny who went out of her way to go to Mt. Zion  Cemetery to get great photos and directions to his grave. Thanks to Wendy because without her we wouldn't know where he is. And finally thanks to Doeadear, Harry, Steve, and Daniel for their informative tidbits that helped put this together.
(If I have left anyone out please tell me.)
May 19, 1951 - April 15, 2001
Joey Ramone's signature
Born and raised in the Forest Hills section of Queens his interest began in music at the age of 13 when he started playing the drums. During the mid-70's while most clubs were playing Disco, Joey and the Ramones embarked on a new sound that would influence many bands such as Blondie and the Talking Heads.
Prior to the Ramones, Joey played in numerous bands throughout the New York area, using the band name "Jeff Starship."

Formed in 1974, The Ramones were originally a trio that consisted of Joey(Jeffry Hyman) Ramone, Johnny (John Cummings) Ramone, Dee Dee (Douglas Colvin) Ramone, and Tommy (Tome Erdelyi) Ramone who acted as the band's manager.
All the group's members adopted the  last name "Ramone" after Dee Dee said that he heard that Paul McCartney used the name to check into hotels when he traveled with the Silver Beatles.
The group clad in torn blue jeans and leather jackets ala 50's greaser rockers, played their first concert on March 30, 1974 at New York's Performance Studio. This earned them permanent residency CBGB's  a trendy nightclub who showcased cutting edge bands and has the worst bathrooms I have ever seen!
For the next year they earned a dedicated cult following as they inspired  several other artists to form bands with simliar ideals.
By the end of 1975, the Ramones signed a recording contract, with exception to Patti Smith, they were the first New York punk band to ever sign a contract.
Their debut album, "Ramones,"  was recorded for just over $6000. This resulted in the 111th place on the U.S. album charts.

Next, their album made it's debut in Britain, where their records were becoming a big influence on a new generation of bands there too.
The 80's  brought many projects for the Ramones they continued to tour and record. Also they contributed the theme song to the Stephen King movie "Pet Sematary," this track was included on Brain Drain. Soon band members were leaving to pursue other things. Alcoholism and stress began to take it's toll on the band and it's members.
By the early 90's, the Ramones sobered up. Joey and Marky underwent treatment for alcoholism and the band returned to the studio in 1992. This produced three albums, "Loco Live" and "Mondo Bizarro" and "Acid Eaters." In 1995, the band embarked on a long farewell tour. After the completion of the Lollapalooza festival, the band broke up for good after 20 years.
In 1999, Joey was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system. Puzzled by the his disease he questioned his fate by saying that he was just a regular guy who "cleaned his own house."  When asked by talk show host, Chaunce` Hayden, what his plans were for the year 2000 and beyond, Joey said although they were getting older, he was certain that he would be around to rock on.
As his disease progressed he was forced to enter a New York City Hospital ( yuk! that alone would kill you) and on Sunday, April 15th, at 2:40 pm, Joey passed away with his family at his side. He was only 49.
His service and burial was on Tuesday, April 17th at the New Mount Zion Cemetery in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.
Mt. Zion, is part of the Hillside Cemetery as you will see in the drawing below. The main entrance is on the corner of of Rutherford Avenue and Orient Way. If you continue down Orient Way, enter via the 3rd gate (there is a maintenance shed nearby). Go straight in, the Jewish section is on your right hand side.  Go about
3/4 of the way down and look for the New York Social Club gate (above photo).

After you enter, go about 3 rows to your right and look for the "Hyman" Tombstone (about 10 - 20 feet at the most). Joey's  grave is the second to the right of this tombstone.  Here's a photo soon after burial.
Here's the map of the cemetery.
Well once again you've seen it first here. Thanks again to those who made this possible!