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New York Book Festival   |   Beverly Garland's Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show   |   Marilyn Monroe's 40th Anniversary Memorial Service   |   Las Vegas Comedy Festival   |   Hollywood Collector's Show, Jan. 2003
New York Book Festival
Welcome to all  those I met at the N.Y.C. BookExpo!
Met ex- vice president Al Gore there and gave him one of my calendars....
Even he loved it,  could I have voted for the wrong guy????

The New York City BookExpo- This event was huge! They had people from all over the world there, including the people who are printing my book. Who incidently, are from Thailand. Then there were all the celebrities all doing what I was there to do..... hawk their book.
 My first encounter was with "Third Rock from the Sun"  John Lithgow. I was walking along just minding my business when I noticed a very tall man walking beside me. He looked familar but nothing registered. Then I thought, "THAT'S JOHN LITHGOW!"  I politely asked him, "Excuse me Mr Lithgow, would you like one of my calendars?" Mind you he was only carrying a microscopic notepad at the time.  In his most affected English accent (Isn't that guy from Rochester, New York???? I've never heard of anyone from Kodakland speak like that. Where does he get off?), he replied in a most condescending tone, "I'm carrying far too much at the moment." Believe me I've been snubbed by far better, so I didn't respond with some snide comment. Besides I didn't want to get chucked out for harrassing the likes of him.
Meanwhile he was there to promote his latest writing endeavor....a children's book! First  Third Rock, and then a kid's book, way to go Johnny!
Then I saw Marlo Thomas. She's a far cry from "That Girl" but she still looks good. Jerry Lewis looked a little bloated. Heidi Fleiss looked VERY pale. Her pavillion had 6 or 7 beautiful models handing out brochures for her book, "Pandering."
Then I'm walking along and there is a crowd of people so I go to investigate and lo behold it's Al and Tipper. And no they weren't making out. He was very nice. His wife was first to shake my hand and say, "Nice to meet you, Elaine." And I'm thinking, how the heck does she know my name? Then I remember I have this big idiot tag hanging around my neck with my name on it. Duh.
Then he signed my brochure and I handed him one of my calendars. He was quick to recognize Curly Howard's grave. Then he said, "I love the Stooges, great idea." I told him about my book and left.
Here's his book and his autograph