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T.V. and Radio Interviews
September 23rd - Radio Interview KKLA, The Margaret Kerry-Willcox Show
Los Angeles, California

October 25th - Interview on KVEC am Radio, "The Dave Congalton Show"
San Luis Obispo, California

November 23rd - Interview on C-SPAN
Venue: Miami International Book Festival

January 23rd - CJAD 800 AM
The Peter Anthony Holder Show
Montreal, Canada

January 28th - KSFN  Hot Talk 1140
   The Johnson and Tofte Show
Las Vegas, Nevada

January 29th - WFTW
 The Greg Allen Show
Ft. Walton, Florida

February 7th - WBZ 1030 News Radio
The Jordan Rich Show
Boston, Mass.

February 11th - WHEB 100.3
 The Morning Buzz
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

February 13th - KRLD Radio (CBS Affiliate)
The Mike Rodgers Show
Dallas, Texas

February 13th - KSBY News Channel 6
Newsmaker Segment
San Luis Obispo, California

February 19th - The Karen Grant Show - KION  1460 AM
5:00 - 6:00 pm
Monterey, California
CRN  7:00 - 8:00 pm
Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Maryland, Santa Barbara to Palm Springs, California