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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Wednesday, 1 January
Joe Foss, governor of South Dakota (R, 1955-59), of an apparent aneurysm, 87.

Thursday, 2 January
Sydney Omarr, astrologer, from complications of a heart attack, 76.

Friday, 3 January
Sid Gillman, NFL football coach (San Diego Chargers), 91.

Saturday, 4 January
Conrad L. Hall, cinematographer ("Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"), of
bladder cancer, 76.

Sunday, 5 January, Maurice Gibb, a member of the famed disco band the Bee
Gees, died at a Miami Beach hospital, his family said. He was 53.

Saturday, 11 January, Mickey Finn, percussionist in legendary rock group T.Rex (Marc Bolan)
has died in hospital in London.

Saturday, 11 January, Richard "Dick" Simmons, an actor best known for playing the Royal Canadian
Mounted Policeman who tracked down bad guys across the frozen North in the
1950s television series "Sergeant Preston of the Yukon," diedat the age of 89.
Simmons, who had Alzheimer's disease, died at a rest home in
Oceanside, California

Friday, 17 January, Richard Crenna, the Emmy award-winning character actor who
starred as a lovesick teenager on "Our Miss Brooks" and Sylvester Stallone
(news)'s Green Beret mentor in the "Rambo" films, has died at the age of 76 of
 pancreatic cancer at
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California

Monday 20 January, Al Hirschfeld, whose graceful, fluid caricatures captured
the essence of performers from Charlie Chaplin  to Jerry
Seinfeld, died at home at the age of 99.

Thursday,  23 January, Nell Carter, who played the sassy,
matronly housekeeper on the 1980s sitcom ''Gimme a Break!'' and received a
Tony Award in 1978 for her performance in the Broadway musical ''Ain't
Misbehavin','' collapsed and died at her home and was discovered by her  13 - year old son. Nell who had
suffered from diabetes for years
and had previously underwent brain surgery to remove an aneurysm in 1992 was only 54 at the time of her death.

Saturday, 23 January
Robert Rockwell, who played dozens of television roles
including Philip Boynton, the shy biology teacher and love interest for Eve
Arden in the 1950s sitcom "Our Miss Brooks," has died of cancer at age 82.

Wednesday, 29 January, Anthony Eisley, the actor best remembered as half
of television's glamorous detective duo on the series "Hawaiian
Eye,'' died at the age of 78.  No cause was announced.

.Peter Shaw, Hollywood agent & producer ("Murder, She Wrote"), 84.

Friday, 31 January
Betty Barry, Broadway actress ("The Grass is Green"), 79.