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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Saturday, 1 February
Richard Lyng, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (1986-89), of Parkinson's
disease, 84.
Harry C. McCool, U.S. Army airman (WW II Doolittle raid), of prostate
cancer, 84.
Richard Nelson, U.S. Army airman (Enola Gay), of complications from
emphysema, 77.
Ramon "Mongo" Santamaria, conga percussionist ("Watermelon Man"), 85.

Sunday, 2 February
Vincent "Randy" Chin, reggae music producer (Randy's Records), of natural
causes, 65.
Lou Harrison, composer, 85.

Monday, 3 February
Rosemary Bewick Lucas Ginn, U.S. Republican party activist, 90.

Lana Clarkson, actress ("Amazon Women on the Moon"), shot, 40. Record
producer Phil Spector has been charged with her murder.

William Kelley, film screenwriter ("Witness"), of cancer, 73.

Natalya Medvedeva, model ("The Cars" album cover), of a heart attack, 44.

Ron Morgan, radio broacaster (St. Louis), of a heart ailment, 60.

David R. Waters, Madilyn O'Hair murder suspect, of lung cancer, 55. ***
His DOD was not given and may have been earlier.

Tuesday, 4 February
Charlie Biddle, jazz bassist, of cancer, 76.
Jerome Hines, bass vocalist (New York Metropolitan Opera), 81.
Charles McLaren aka Lord Aberconway, British shipbuilder, 89.
Jim North, NFL foobtall player (Washington Redskins), of a heart ailment,

Wednesday, 5 February
Larry LeSueur, news correspondent ("London After Dark"), of Parkinson's disease, 93.

Friday, 7 February
Irwin Rosee, boxing publicist, after a long illness, 93.

Sunday, 9 February
Ruby Braff, jazz trumpeter, no cause announced, 75.
John "Whack" Hyder, college basketball coach (Georgia Tech), 90.
Vera Hruba Ralson, ice skater & actress ("The Lady and the Monster"), 79.

Monday, 10 February
William Broom, news reporter, of Parkinson's disease, 78.
Curt Hennig aka "Mr. Perfect", pro wrestler, cocaine overdose, 44.
Clark MacGregor, U.S. congressman (R-MN, 1961-71), of respiratory failure, 80.
Ron Ziegler, White House press secretary (Nixon administration), of a heart attack, 63.

Tuesday, 11 February
Moses G. Hogan, Christian composer/arranger, of complications from a brain tumor, 45.

Wednesday, 12 February
Haywood Sullivan, major-league baseball player & executive (Boston Red Sox), after a stroke, 72.
Kemmons Wilson, hotel chain founder (Holiday Inn), 90.

Thursday, 13 February
Joe Connelly, TV producer ("Leave It to Beaver"), of complications from a stroke, 86.
James T. Flexner, author ("Washington: the Indispensable Man"), 95.
Kid Gavilan, r.n. Gerardo Gonzalez, boxer, of a heart attack, 77.
Stacy Keach Sr., actor (Prof. Carlson in "Get Smart"), of congestive heartfailure, 88.  
(Father of actors, Stacy and James Keach).
Bob Ivers, actor ("G.I. Blues"), from esophageal cancer, 68.

Friday, 14 February
Joseph Kinneary, U.S. federal judge (Ohio, 1966-2001), 97.
Johnny Longden, jockey, 96.
Jack Maher, publisher ("Down Beat"), of natural causes, 78.

Monday, 17 February
Steve Bechler, pro baseball player (Balitimore Orioles), from heatstroke
after a workout (linked to diet pills), 23.
George Chaplin, newspaper editor (Honolulu Advertiser), of pneumonia, 88.
Jim Gordon, sports announcer (New York City), after a long illness, 76.
Paul "Pete" Schrum, actor (Uncle Ed in "Gimme a Break!"), of a heart attack, 68.

Tuesday, 18 February, Country singer Johnny PayCheck, the hard-drinking
hell-raiser best known for his 1977 working man's anthem "Take This
Job and Shove It," has died at 64 of emphysema and asthma.

Tuesday, 18 February
Jack Brodsky, film producer ("Romancing the Stone"), of a heart attack, 69.
Isser Harel, Israeli intelligence director (1952-63), 91.
Nan Wyatt, radio broadcaster (St. Louis), shot (murdered by her husband), 44.

Thursday, 19 December 2002
Brendan Moran, bailiff ("Judge Mathis"), from a fall off a high building, ruled a suicide, 37.
James D. Hardy, heart surgeon, 84.

Thursday, 20 February
Orville L. Freeman, Minnesota governor / U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, of complications from Alzheimer's disease, 84.
Harry Jacunski, NFL football player (Green Bay Packers), 87.
Robert G. Stephens Jr., U.S. Congressman (D-GA, 1961-77), 89.

Friday, 21 February
Marjorie Craig Crowley, aka "Miss Craig", fitness author, of congestive heart failure, 90.
Costa Kittles, college basketball coach (Florida A&M), of a heart attack, 75.
Tom Glazer, folk singer ("On Top of Spaghetti"), 88.

Saturday, 22 February
Pavel Hlava, sculptor (Czech), cause not announced, 78.
Felice Marks Lippert, dieting promoter (Weight Watchers), of lung cancer, 73.
Daniel Taradash, screenwriter ("From Here to Eternity"), of pancreatic cancer, 90.

Sunday, 23 February
Jeffrey Anderson, snowboarder, of head injuries from a fall, 23.
Titos Vandis, actor ("The Exorcist"), 85.

Sunday, 23 February, Rock musician Howie Epstein, bassist for Tom Petty
 & the Heartbreakers for 20 years until ousted from the band last May,
has died in a New Mexico hospital at the age of 47.
Although the cause of the musician's death on Sunday night was not immediately
known, a female companion who took Epstein to a Santa Fe hospital told
authorities he had been using heroin and also had been taking prescription
antibiotics for an illness.

Monday, 24 February
E. V. Hill, Baptist pastor (Mt. Zion church in Los Angeles), 69.
Walter Scharf, film composer ("Ben"), 92.
Alberto Sordi, actor (Italian), 82.

Wednesday, 26 February
Ernie Mills, TV news reporter (Santa Fe), cause not announced, 76.

Thursday, 27 February
Fred Rogers, children's TV host ("Mister Rogers' Neighborhood"), of cancer, 74.
Johny Carpenter, actor ("Son of the Renegade"), of cancer, 88.

Friday, 28 February
Chris Brasher, runner/sportswriter/footwear maker, 74.
Fidel Sanchez Hernandez, President of El Salvador (1967-72), of heart failure, 85.
Kevin O'Shea, NBA basketball player (Minneapolis Lakers), of a heart attack, 77.
Jacob E. Davis, U.S. Congressman (D-OH, 1941-43), 97.
Mario Perillo, tour pitchman ("Mr. Italy"), of cancer, 76.