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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Saturday, 1 March
Nadine Conner, operatic soprano, 96.

Sunday, 2 March
Hank Ballard, songwriter ("The Twist"), of throat cancer, reported age 76.
Joe Decker, major-league baseball player (Chicago Cubs), of injuries from a fall, 55.
Fred Freiberger, screenwirter and producer ("The Wild, Wild West"), 88.
Goffredo Petrassi, composer (Italian), 98.

Monday, 3 March
Horst Buchholz, actor ("The Magnificent Seven"), cause not announced, 69.
George Edwards, British aeronautical engineer, 94.
Malcolm Kilduff, White House spokesman (Kennedy admin.), of respiratory failure, 75.
Luis Marden, photographer / underwater explorer, of complications from Parkinson's disease, 90.

Tuesday, 4 March
Kenneth Auchincloss, Newsweek news editor, of cancer, 65.
Fedora Barbieri, Italian operatic mezzo-soprano, 82.

Wednesday, 5 March
Hardy Amies, British fashion designer, of a heart attack, 93.
George Miller, comedian ("Late Show with David Letterman"), from a blood clot, 61.
Raymond Sonnenberg, NFL referee, after a stroke, 72.

Saturday, 8 March
Adam Faith, singer (British), of a heart attack, 62

Monday, 10 March
William Glenn, heart surgeon, of complications from pneumonia, 88.

Tuesday, 11 March
Zinn Arthur, bandleader/photographer, 90.

Thursday, 13 March
Al Blades, NFL football player (Miami Hurricanes), in an auto accident, 26.

Friday, 14 March
Ivan Rassimov, Italian actor, cause not disclosed, 64.

Saturday, 15 March
Jay Call, retailer (Flying J Fuel Co.), in a private plane crash, 62.
Richard Carroll, clothier (Carroll & Co., Beverly Hills), of a heart attack, 80.
Margaret L. Coit-Elwell, historian ("John C. Calhoun: American Patriot"), 83.
Joseph Coors, brewer (Coors Beer), of lymphatic cancer, 85.

Sunday, 16 March
George Bayer, pro golfer, of a heart attack, 77.

Monday, 17 March
Herbert Aptheker, historian ("Documentary History of the Negro People in the U.S."), 87.
Bill Carlisle, country music performer (Grand Ole Opry), from complications of a stroke, 94.
Alan Keith, radio broadcaster (British), 94.
Robert M. Shelton, activist (Ku Klux Klan), of heart problems, 73.

Tuesday, 18 March
Adam Osborne, computer manufacturer (Osborne Computer Corp.), from complications of a brain disorder, 64.

Wednesday, 19 March
Hiromichi "Kodo" Fuyuki, pro wrestler, of liver cancer, 42.
Joe Buzas, major-league baseball player (New York Yankees), after a lengthy illness, 84.

Thursday, 20 March
"Sailor" Art Thomas, pro wrestler, of cancer, 79.

Friday, 21 March
Harry Eisenstat, major-league baseball player (Detroit Tigers), 87.
Betty Zielinski, model (Miller High Life's "Girl in the Moon"), in an auto accident, 74.

Saturday, 22 March
Terry Lloyd, British news reporter, killed in Iraq, 50.

Sunday, 23 March
Hans Hermann Groer, disgraced Roman Catholic cardinal, of pneumonia, 83.

Monday, 24 March
"Bruiser" Brian Cox, pro wrestler, of a heart attack, 32.

Wednesday, 26 March
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.S. senator (D-NY, 1977-2001), of complications from a ruptured appendix, 76.

Thursday, 27 March
Pat Kelly, NFL football player (Denver Broncos), of brain cancer, 37.
Paul Zindel, playwright ("The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds"), of cancer, 66.

Friday, 28 March
Mark Londner, TV news reporter (Miami), of melanoma, 55.
Farrell H. "Rusty" Draper, country singer ("Gambler's Guitar"), of pneumonia, 80.
Bud Payne, NFL football player (Detroit Lions), of cardiac arrest, 88.

Saturday, 29 March
Harry Ellis Dickson, orchestra conductor (Boston Symphony), 94.
Placide Adams, jazz string bassist, after a short illness, 73.
Henry Racamier, leather goods maker (Louis Vuitton), of a heart attack 90.

Sunday, 30 March
Michael Jeter, actor (Herman Stiles on "Evening Shade"), cause not announced, 50.

Monday, 31 March
George Connor, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), after a lengthy illness, 78.
Anne Gwynne, actress ("Teenage Monster"), stroke, 80.
J. Donald MacWilliams, sportscaster (Portland, Maine), 86.
Fermin Velez, auto racer (Spanish), of cancer, 43.