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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Tuesday, 1 April
Leslie Cheung, singer/actor ("Farewell My Concubine"), committed suicide by jumped from a tall building, 46.

Wednesday, 2 April
Sam Attlesey, reporter (Dallas Morning News), of lung and liver cancer, 56.
Edwin Starr, singer ("War"), of an apparent heart attack, 61.
Michael Wayne, film producer ("The Green Berets"), of lupus, 68. (He was John Wayne's son.)

Thursday, 3 April
Chuck Anderson, college baseball coach (Florida Southern), of cancer, 63.
Michael Kelly, reporter (Washington Post), in an auto accident while under fire in Iraq, 46.
Harold Sawyer, U.S. Congressman (R-MI, 1977-85), from cancer, 83.
Bob Allen, college football player(University of Kansas), 83

Friday, 4 April
Anthony Caruso, actor, after a lengthy illness, 86.
Quigg Newton, mayor of Denver (1947-55), 91.

Saturday, 5 April
Phil Burghard, auto racer, in a crash during competition, 33.
 Zane Feldman, pro hockeyexecutive (Edmonton Oilers), 80.

Sunday, 6 April
David Bloom, news correspondent/anchor (NBC "Weekend Today"), from a blood clot, 39.
Jutta Hipp,jazz pianist, cause not reported, 78.
Babatunde Olatunji, drummer (Nigerian),of complications from diabetes, 75.

Monday, 7 April
Jerry Bittle, cartoonist("Geech"), of a heart attack, 53.
Cecile de Brunhoff, children's book creator(Babar the Elephant), 99.
David Greene, TV director ("Rich Man, Poor Man"), ofpancreatic cancer, 82.

Tuesday, 8 April
 Ed McCaskey, NFL football executive(Chicago Bears), 83.
Kathie Browne, actress ("Bonanza"),after a short illness, 63
Thursday, 10 April
Eva Boyd, aka "Little Eva", singer,("The Loco-motion"), cause not disclosed, 59.
Noel Fox, singer (The Oak Ridge Boys), following a series of strokes, 63.

Friday, 11 April
John Butler, NFL football executive (San Diego Chargers), of lung cancer, 56.

Saturday, 12 April
Clarence Blount, Maryland statelegislator (1971-2003), of complications from a stroke, 81.
Teno Roncalio, U.S. congressman (D-WY, 1965-67, 1971-79), of congestive heart failure, 87.

Sunday, 13 April
Prentice "Sean" Delaney, songwriter ("Rocket Ride"), of a stroke, 58.

Monday, 14 April
Don Bunce, college football player (Stanford), of a heart attack, 54.
Glenn Savan, author ("White Palace"), cause not disclosed,49.

Tuesday, 15 April
Robert Helmick, U.S. Olympic Committee president(1985-91), after a stroke, 66.
Maurice Rapf, screenwriter ("Cinderella"), 88.
Leonard Tose, NFL team owner (Philadelphia Eagles), 88.

Wednesday, 16 April
Jack Donohue, basketball coach (Canadian), of cancer, 70.
Graham Jarvis, actor (Charles Jackson in "7th Heaven"), of multiple myeloma, 72.
Richard B. Sewall, biographer ("The Life of Emily Dickinson"), 95.
Jewell Young, collegebasketball player (Purdue), 90.

Thursday, 17 April
Robert C. Atkins, nutritionist ("Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution"), of injuries from a fall, 72.
Russell G. Clark, U.S. judge (Missouri), cause not reported, 77.
J. Paul GettyJr., oil company heir (Getty Oil), of a chest infection, 70.
Earl King, R&B songwriter ("Come On Let the Good Times Roll"), from complications of diabetes,69.
Ron Shanklin, NFL football player (Pittsburgh Steelers), of colon cancer,55.
John E. "Jack" Riley, NASAspokesman, of cancer, 78.

Saturday, 19 April
Charles "Cholly" Atkins, tap dancer (Coles & Atkins),89.
Aurelio Sabattini, Roman Catholic cardinal, 90.
Charles "Cholly" Atkins,dancer/choreographer, of pancreatic cancer, 89.
Chris Zachary, major-leaguebaseball player (Houston Colt .45's), of bone marrow cancer, 59.

 Sunday, 20
April Teddy Edwards, tenor saxophonist, of prostate cancer, 78.
Irving Foy, vaudeville performer (Seven Little Foys), of complications from a fall, 94.
Bertram Ross, dancer, of pneumonia, 82. Cole Weston, photographer, 84.

Monday,21 April
Johnny Douglas, TV theme composer ("The Incredible Hulk"), fromprostate cancer, 82.
Nina Simone, jazz singer ("To Be Young, Gifted, andBlack"), of natural causes, 70.
Raymond Weill, philatelist, of congestive heart failure, 89.

Tuesday, 22 April
Felice Bryant, songwriter ("Bye Bye Love"), of cancer, 77.
Martha Griffiths, U.S. congresswoman (D-MI, 1955-75),91.
Andrea King, actress ("The Color of Evening"), 84.
Mike Larrabee, sprinter (1964 Olympics), of pancreatic cancer, 69.
Nick Perry, TV broadcaster/lottery fixer (Pennsylvania), of Parkinson's disease, 86.
MauroRasi, playwright (Brazilian), of lung cancer, 52.

Wednesday, 23 April
Sherwood Brewer, pro baseball player (Negro Leagues), cause not announced, 79.

Friday,25 April
Chris Borgen, TV news correspondent (New York City), cause not announced, 76.
Albert Hakim, figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, of a heart attack, 66.
Clifton Keane, Boston Globe sportswriter, of complications from a fall, 90.

Saturday, 26 April
Peter Stone, musical writer ("Titanic"), ofpulmonary fibrosis, 73.

Sunday, 27 April
Edward Lewis Gaylord, news publisher/TV producer (Daily Oklahoman/"Hee Haw"), from complications ofcancer, 83.
Steve Young, CNN TV correspondent, of lung cancer, 61.

Monday, 28 April
Johnny Griffith, college football coach (University of Georgia),cause not announced, 78.
Francesco "Ciccio" Ingrassia, Italian actor, from heart failure, 80.

Tuesday, 29 April
Charlie Tolar, AFL football player (Houston Oilers), of cancer, 65.
Jerry Williams, Boston talk radio host, cause not disclosed, 79.

Wednesday, 30 April
Possum Bourne, New Zealand auto racer, in an auto accident on a public road, 47.