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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Thursday, 1 May
Elizabeth A. Hulette, aka "Miss Elizabeth", pro wrestling personality, of an apparentdrug overdose, 42.
Paul Moore Jr., Episcopal bishop (New York), from lung andbrain cancer, 83.

Friday, 2 May
George Wyle, songwriter ("The Ballad ofGilligan's Isle"), of leukemia, 87.

Saturday, 3
May Suzy Parker, model/actress, cause notannounced, 69.
David Woodley, NFL football player (Miami Dolphins), cause notdetermined, 44.

Tuesday, 6 May
Steve Atkinson, NHL hockey player (Buffalo Sabres), of a heart attack, 54.
Art Houtteman, major-league baseball player(Cleveland Indians), of a heart attack, 75.

Wednesday, 7 May
Duane Allen, NFLfootball player (Los Angeles Rams), of a heart attack, 65.

Thursday, 8 May
Sam Lacy, sportswriter (Baltimore), 99.
Elizabeth Heuffer, Boston Globe reporter, in an auto accident (on assignment in Iraq), 46.
George Roeder, motorcycle racer, cause not announced, 66.

Friday, 9 May
Russell B. Long, U.S.senator (D-LA 1948-87), of apparent heart failure, 84.

Sunday, 11 May
Noel Redding, rock bassist (Jimi Hendrix Experience), cause not reported, 57.
John H. Rousselot, U.S. Congressman (R-CA, 1961-63, 1971-83), of congestive
heart failure, 75.

Monday, 12 May
Martin "Red" Mottlow, Chicago sports reporter/anchor, of cancer, 76.

Tuesday, 13 May
Searcy Bracewell, Texas legislator (1947-59), 85.
Allen Eager, jazz saxophonist, cause not disclosed, 76.

Wednesday, 14 May
Dave DeBusschere, NBA basketball player and coach (New York Knicks), of a heart attack, 62.
Otto Edelmann, operatic bass-baritone (Austrian), 86.
Al Fleming, NBA basketball player for the Seattle Super Sonics, died of kidney cancer, 49.
Wendy Hiller, British actress, 90.
Robert Stack, actor ("The Untouchables"), of heart failure, 84.

Thursday, 15 May
June Carter Cash, country music singer, of complications from heart surgery,73.
Henri "Rik" Van Steenbergen, Belgian cyclist , 78.

Friday, 16 May
Mal Florence, Los Angeles Times sports writer, of bone cancer, 77.
David O. Ives, television executive (WGBH-TV in Boston), 84.
Mark McCormack, sports agent (IMG), of complications from a heart attack, 72.
Don Padgett, golf executive (PGA president 1977-78), of cancer, 78.
William C. Anderson, author ("Bat-21"), of heart failure, 83.

Saturday, 17 May
Joseph "J.B." Spencer, Negro League baseball player, 83.

Sunday, 18 May
Frank "Pop" Ivy, NFL football layer and coach (Chicago Cardinals), 87.
Nick Roman, NFL football player for the Cleveland Browns, of a heart attack, 55.

Tuesday, 20 May
Howard "Sandman" Sims, tap dancer, 86.

Wednesday, 21 May
Alejandro DeTomaso, auto racer and manufacturer, after a long illness, 74.
Felice Orlandi, actor ("Bullitt"), of lung cancer, 78.
Frank White, Arkansas governor (R, 1981-83), cause not announced, 69.

Thursday, 22 May
"Big DS", rap performer (Onyx), of cancer, 30.
John Buchanan, The Denver Post reporter/columnist, after a long illness, 84.

Friday, 23 May
Rachel Kempson, British actress, 92.
Fred Berger, film and TV editor (M*A*S*H), 94.

Saturday, 24 May
Jules Levy, TV producer ("The Big Valley"), after a long illness, 80.
Buford Smith, televangelist (Living Faith Ministries), of cancer, 65.

Sunday, 25 May
Bill Paschal, NFL football player (New Yourk Giants), 81.
Sloan Wilson, author ("A Summer Place"), after a long illness, 83.

Monday, 26 May
Kathleen Winsor, author ("Forever Amber"), 83.

Tuesday, 27 May
Luciano Berio, composer (Italian), cause not announced, 77.
Mac Colville, NHL hockey player  for the New York Rangers, 87.
Al Hartley, comic book artist (Archie), after heart surgery, 81.
Ilya Prigogine, physicist (1977 Nobel Prize), 86.
Ernest Ferrin Wallengren, television writer ("The Waltons"), of amyotrophiclateral sclerosis, 50.

Wednesday, 28 May
Martha Scott, stage actress ("Our Town"), 90.
Peter Maclean, actor, of lymphoma, 67.

Thursday, 29 May
Anthony Frederick, college basketball player (Pepperdine), of an apparentheart attack, 38.
Basil Langton, actor, 91.

Friday, 30 May
Don Dondero, photographer (Reno, Nevada), 83.
Mickie Most, recording artist producer (The Animals), of cancer, 64.
Don Dondero, photographer (Reno, Nevada), 83.

Saturday, 31 May
Francesco Colasuonno, Roman Catholic cardinal (Italian), after a longillness, 78.
Gregory Hennigar, Penn State college football player, in an auto accident,18.