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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Tuesday, 1 July
Herbie Mann, jazz flutist, of prostate cancer, 73.
Bill Miller, major-league New York Yankees baseball player, died of congestive heart failure at the age of 75.

Wednesday, 2 July
Ivan Allen Jr., mayor of Atlanta (1962-70), 92.
Briggs Swift Cunningham Jr., yacht & automobile racer, 96.

Thursday, 3 July
Vince Lloyd, sportscaster (Chicago), of stomach cancer, 86.
Joe Moore, Notre Dame college football coach, of lung cancer, 71.

Friday, 4 July
Larry Burkett, financial counselor ("Money Matters"), of cancer and heartdisease, 64.
Tom Gibb, Pittsburgh newspaper reporter, from complications of a heartattack, 49.
Barry White, R&B singer ("You're the First, the Last, My Everything"), fromkidney failure due to chronic hypertension, 58.

Thursday, 10 July
Alvin Alcorn, jazz trumpeter, after a lengthy illness, 90.

Saturday, 12 July
Benny Carter, jazz musician, 95.
L. E. Witt, WWII fighter pilot, of a stroke, 87.

Sunday, 13 July
Phil Ceccola, rock photographer, of brain cancer, 48.
Company Segundo, Cuban musician, 95.

Tuesday, 15 July
Celia Cruz, salsa singer, of a brain tumor, 77.
Tex Schramm, Dallas Cowboys NFL football executive, 83.
Elisabeth Welch, singer ("Stormy Weather"), 99.

Wednesday, 16 July
Lou Gambino, NFL football player (Baltimore Colts), of heart disease, 79.
Winston J. "Buddy" Deane, Baltimore disc jockey, of complications from a stroke, 78.
Carol Shields, novelist ("The Stone Diaries"), of breast cancer, 68.
Kurt Semm, surgeon (laparoscopy), of complications from Parkinson's disease,76.

Thursday, 17 July
Henry Hair, Georgia Tech college football player, of complications from myasthenia gravis, 71.

Saturday, 19 July
Bill Bright, evangelist (Campus Crusade for Christ), of complications frompulmonary fibrosis, 81.
Pierre Graber, Swiss president, 94.

Sunday, 20 July
Nicolas Freeling, writer ("Love in Amsterdam"), of cancer, 76.
Renee Gadd, British actress, 97.
Elliot Norton, theater critic, 100.

Monday, 21 July
Jane Barbe, recorded voice ("We're sorry, the number you dialed ..."), ofcancer, 74.
Matt Jefferies, art director ("Star Trek"), of a heart attack, 82.

Tuesday, 22 July
Hamer Budge, U.S. Congressman (R-ID, 1951-1961), 92.
Qusay Hussein, Iraqi political figure, in a battle with U.S. forces, 37.
Uday Hussein, Iraqi political figure, in a battle with U.S. forces, 39.

Wednesday, 23 July
Bob Latford, auto racing historian, after a lengthy illness, 67.

Thursday, 24 July
Yitzhak Kolitz, rabbi (Jerusalem), 81.

Friday, 25 July
Phil Halpin, prosecutor (Los Angeles), of cancer, 65.
Jiri Horak, Czech political figure, of brain cancer, 79.
John Schlesinger, film director ("Midnight Cowboy"), of complications from a stroke, 77.
Erik Braunn, rock guitarist (Iron Butterfly), of cardiac arrest, 52.

Saturday, 26 July
Norma McClure, actress ("The Mack"), of congestive heart failure, 69.
Harold C. Schonberg, The New York Times music critic, 87.

Sunday, 27 July
Harold C. Bennett, religious leader (Southern Baptist Convention), of pancreatic cancer, 78.
Vance Hartke, U.S. Senator (D-IN, 1959-77), of heart failure, 84.
Bob Hope, actor/comedian, of pneumonia, 100.

Monday, 28 July
Adrian Burk, NFL Philadelphia Eagles football player, cause not reported,75.
Jim Butler, radio broadcaster (St. Louis), of pneumonia, 76.

Tuesday, 29 July
Tex McCrary, publicist & talk show host ("Tex and Jinx"), 92.
Jayne White, country gospel singer (The White Sisters), of pancreatic cancer, 40.

Wednesday, 30 July
Guido Crepax, erotic illustrator ("Heavy Metal"), of multiple sclerosis, 70.
John Crittenden, sportswriter (Florida), cause not reported. 69.
Marshall Lon "Deacon" Freeman, gospel singer (The Oak Ridge Quartet), 82.
Sam Phillips, record producer (Sun Records), of respiratory failure, 80.

Thursday, 31 July
Frederick Coffin, actor (Chief McGrath on "The X-Files"), of lung cancer, 60.