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Those Who Have Left Us in 2003
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Saturday, 2 August
Tom Lewis, U.S. Congressman (R-FL, 1983-95), cause unknown, 78.

Sunday, 3 August
Henry "Redd" Stewart, country songwriter ("Tennessee Waltz"), 80.

Wednesday, 6 August
Julius Baker, flutist (New York Philharmonic), 87.
Grover Mitchell, trombonist of the Count Basie Orchestra, died of cancer, at the age of 73.
Sue O'Brien, The Denver Post news editor, of cancer, 64.

Thursday, 7 August
William W. Farris, Tennessee political figure, of complications from a fall, 79.
Mickey McDermott, Boston Red Sox major-league baseball player, of cancer, 74.

Friday, 8 August
Robert J. Donovan, author ("PT-109"), 90.
Edward Pickering, British news editor/publisher (British), 91.
Edna Skinner, actress (Kay Addison on "Mr. Ed"), 82.

Saturday, 9 August
Ray Harford, soccer coach (British), of cancer, 58.
Chester Ludgin, baritone ("A Quiet Place"), cause unknown, 78.
Bill Perkins, saxophonist, of cancer, 79.
Bill Rogell, major-league baseball player (Detroit Tigers), of pneumonia, 98.
Gregory Hines, tap-dancing actor ("White Knights"), of cancer, 57.

Sunday, 10 August
Constance Chapman, British actress, 91.

Monday, 11 August
Herb Brooks, hockey coach (U.S. 1980 Olympic team), in a car wreck, 66.
Vicente Garrido, Mexican composer, of respiratory failure, 79.

Tuesday, 12 August
Ava Aldridge, songwriter ("Sharing the Night Together"), of cancer, 57.

Wednesday, 13 August
Charles Devens, major-league baseball player (New York Yankees), 93.
Ed Townsend, pop singer/songwriter ("For Your Love"), of heart failure, 74.

Friday, 15 August
William Orrick, U.S. district judge (San Francisco), 87.

Saturday, 16 August
Idi Amin, Ugandan dictator, of kidney failure, 80.

Sunday, 17 August
Margaret Raia, Munchkin in "The Wizard of Oz", after a brain seizure, 75.
Jim Theodore, University of Pittsburgh college football player, of stomach cancer, 67.

Monday, 18 August
Tony Jackson, British singer/bassist, after a long illness, 63.

Tuesday, 19 August
Carlos Roberto Reina, Honduran president (1993-97), of complications from gall bladder surgery, 77.

Thursday, 21 August
Ken Coleman, baseball announcer (Boston Red Sox), of bacterial meningitis, 78.

Friday, 22 August
Magdalena Nile del Rio, aka Imperio Argentina, Argentine actress, 92.
Robert N. C. Nix Jr., judge (Pennsylvania), of Alzheimer's disease, 75.
Floyd Tillman, songwriter ("Slipping Around"), of leukemia, 88.

Saturday, 23 August
Bobby Bonds, (father of major leaguer Barry Bonds) major-league baseball player (San Francisco Giants),
of a brain tumor and lung cancer, 57.
John Geoghan, disgraced Roman Catholic priest (Boston), strangled to death in prison, 68.
Hy Anzell, actor ("Annie Hall" aka  "Joey Nickels" ), heart attack, 79.
Suzanne Forsberg, TV news anchor (Columbus, GA), of colon cancer, 33.
Marion Hargrove, writer ("See Here, Private Hargrove"), 83.

Sunday, 24 August
Herb Humphries, St. Louis TV news reporter, of natural causes, 71.
John J. Rhodes Jr., U.S. congressman (R-AZ, 1953-83), of cancer, 86.
Kent Walton, British pro wrestling announcer, 86.

Tuesday, 26 August
Wilma Burgess, country singer ("Tear Time"), of a heart attack, 64.
Jim Wacker, college football coach (Texas), of cancer, 66.

Wednesday, 27 August
Jinx Falkenburg, actress/radio host ("Meet Tex and Jinx"), 84.
William Scherle, U.S. congressman (R-IA, 1967-75), of prostate cancer, 80.