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Marilyn Monroe's 40th Anniversary Memorial Service
Courtesy of Bill Altman of Marilyn Monroe Stuff in West Columbia, South Carolina

Westwood Village Memorial Park, August 5, 2002, 11:00am - This was my first Marilyn Memorial Service. It is an experience that a true Marilyn fan should not miss. I arrived at a little after 9:00 and people were already lining up to lay flowers at her crypt.
When I took the picture below it reminded me of "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" and how the Peanuts gang were waving their arms fiercely as they decorated the little Christmas tree.
There were many beautiful tributes left behind.
There are always flowers at her crypt, but that day was really something. There were so many flowers it looked like a Mafia funeral. Here's a photo below of me next to her crypt on an ordinary day.

Photo by Jacqueline
Along with the flowers came all the Marilyns. I photographed only the best and the worst.
The best
Oh Oh Marilyn forgot to shave, tsk, tsk...
This Marilyn had a very, er interesting story. (S)he claimed that the spirit of Marilyn entered her body and now tells her how do dress. I think that in death, Marilyn must have discovered LSD.

The chapel quickly filled up to capacity and the rest of the crowd were forced to occupy the seats that were set up outside. Greg Schreiner who heads, Marilyn Remembered Fan Club, was the lead speaker and invited everyone to his home after the ceremony for additional Marilyn remembering. Apparently his home is filled with Marilyn artifacts. I would have enjoyed visiting but I had a VERY long drive home.
The club put together a very nice program. There were a limited amount made so only the people (like me) within the chapel received one.
In attendance there were people from Marilyn Clubs all over North America and Europe.
Notice the French one on the very bottom with the French flag colors. All in all the flower arrangements were a beautiful tribute.
Even during the ceremony you could play spot the Marilyn. Can you?
The only real celebrity there was Jeanne Carmen who was Marilyn's best friend.  She didn't speak at the ceremony. She merely paid her respects quietly and posed for a few photos outside. She looks remarkably good for a woman of  72 years old! Dah-ling, who is your surgeon!
Apparently she has written a book about her personal experiences with Marilyn but cannot find a publisher due to it's controversial content.
Here's a photo of Marilyn's real funeral taken August 8, 1962. Westwood has changed tremendously with exception to the chapel, it remains the same.  A Hollywood Underground friend, Roger, was present at that funeral told me that as they were taking Marilyn to her crypt, Joe DiMaggio wanted to see her just one more time. So they opened her coffin and as they did a gust of wind blew some of Marilyn's hair (wig) out of the casket. People gasped  because it looked as though she was getting up.  What a scary sight that must have been.